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From the hostel, you can walk out to the Pacific Ocean at the end of the block.
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Welcome to the Fun Zone

VBH is a budget inn for travelers in Los Angeles, located right at the beach. Guests enjoy private bathrooms, Free breakfast in well-appointed kitchen and recreation areas, and a free internet computer in every room and free wi-fi. The hostel is open 24 hours, and convenient to buses for Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and the LAX airport.

Hostel Beds

Small friendly rooms, with 4 to 6 people. Each room has a private bathroom and an Internet PC. This computer can be used to surf the Web, chat with friends, or make phone calls on the Net.

Private Rooms

These private rooms are completely furnished apartments. They include a lounge area, telephone (in), private bathroom and shower, and an Internet computer.


Check out our SPECIALS!.

Winter Specials

Check out our SPECIALS for Winter!

Hostel Beds

$33 per night (seasonal)

  • Friendly 6-person rooms
  • Bathroom and shower in all rooms
  • Free Internet computer and wi-fi
  • No curfew
  • Full kitchen
  • Lockers

Private Rooms

$85 per night (seasonal)

  • Large double beds
  • Bathroom and shower in all rooms
  • Free Internet and email computer in room and wi-fi !
  • Telephone (in)
  • 24-Hour operation
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